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A cornucopia of laughs including favorite pieces by Porous Walker & Todd Francis from the Fools collection just in time for the holidaze...

Fools Grab Sack Contents:

I Hate You Tote

Todd Francis' Year in Pigeons 2021 Calendar 

One t-shirt either Todd or Porous design. Select what size you are. You will get what is available in your size. Smalll through XL. 

Cum Away Antibacterial Wipes by Porous Waker

Ballz Socks by Porous Walker

Various stationary cards by TF & PW

Butt Plugs by Todd Francis

Lucky Rabbits Dick by Porous Walker 

Bathroom Deodorizer by Todd Francis 

Cum Balls by Porous Walker 

These items individually would be over $200-we have a limited number of this deal sack- so grab your sack fast!

All the items are available for individual purchase on the site.

Feel free to add something else from the sight - and we'll toss it in the bag. 

If you want detailed specifics on each item - find it on the site!

We love you and wish you a happy holidaze XO

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